Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Board Meeting

Taylorstown Community Association (TCA)
Board Meeting of December 9, 2009

The Taylorstown General Store will reopen this spring under new management.

The new owners welcome suggestions for what to sell in the store. Categories include groceries, general merchandise, and local crafts. Please contact TCA President, Tami Carlow with your requests, which will be passed on.
Over time, there are plans to open a bakery and deli/coffee shop as part of the store and a winery and a restaurant/tavern on the property behind the store. Townspeople are invited to call or email Tami with concerns, ideas, and questions. She will relay them to new owners, Tedd and Dana Durden.

Email: TCarlow@aol.com Phone: 540-822-5939


Board Attendees: Tami Carlow, President; Tara Lindhardt, Vice-President; Karen Hendershot, Treasurer; Lauranne Oliveau, Secretary; Shirley Langston, Anne Larson, David Weintraub, Tom Stewart, and Dave Wiseman, Members at Large.

Unable to attend: Patrick Ryan, Steve Cavallo

Community Attendees: Joan Linhardt

Special Attendees: Tedd and Dana Durden, new owners of Taylorstown Store

I. The Taylorstown Store Plans

Local Taylorstown residents, Dana and Tedd Durden of Furnace Mountain Estates have purchased the store, frame shop building, barn and the 25-acre parcel on which they sit. The Durdens have three children who are now 5, 9, and 11 years old. Tedd spoke with us about their plans for the property and presented site plans and elevations.

In general, Taylorstowners will see a lot going on around the store property over the next few years.

First. The Durdens plan to open the general store this spring. Shirley Langston and Tami Carlow are consulting with Dana Durden to decide what to offer for sale and store operations in general for synergy with the community. For groceries, special emphasis will be on fresh, local dairy and produce, along with “stuff you need in a hurry.” A “Crafters’ Corner” is planned, where local crafters can rent space to sell their wares.

Townspeople are invited to call or write Tami with ideas and requests. She will pass them on to Dana and Shirley. (TCarlow@aol.com 540-822-5939 )

Renovations to the store and frame shop building are planned, which will be underway both before and after the store’s initial opening. In time, a deli and bakery will open as part of a new addition to the store, with tables and seating added in what is now the frame shop – accessible by a connector to be built between the two buildings. Eventually, the frame shop will become a coffee shop. Yes, there will be a public bathroom! There will also be high-speed Internet access! When these plans come to fruition, the Taylorstown community will have a nearby place for neighbors to shop, eat, drink coffee and meet up.

Renovations and additions to the store are expected to be completed in six months to one year. In Tedd’s estimation, as a commercial operation, the store will be lucky to break even.

Second. A two-story winery is planned on the other side of the hill behind the store to include both processing facilities and a tasting room. The winery will have a separate well and septic system. Seven acres will be planted in grapes this spring, with Ben Renshaw (of Furnace Mountain Vineyards and 8 Chains North Winery) working as the wine consultant. The plan is to build in the capacity to process more grapes than will be grown on site – thus creating an opportunity for local grape growers to make wine here in Taylorstown. Current thinking includes producing Merlot, Chardonnay and Chambourcin wines, along with perhaps a Honey-Chardonnay.

During this stage, the old barn will be winterized, a pond will be added, and the old spring house will be renovated. A gravel (read, permeable – no runoff problems) parking lot will be built to accommodate winery guests. The winery will participate in Loudoun wine tours, bringing weekend traffic. As a commercial venture, Tedd expects the winery will be a money maker.

Third. In a few years, construction will begin for a restaurant and tavern, which will incorporate the original barn structure and an addition. The plan is to have seating for about 50 people in the restaurant. Hearty fare (including Tedd’s favorite: steak and potatoes!) will be served in a family-friendly atmosphere. Additional parking will be built to accommodate restaurant guests.

In General. As these commercial establishments open their doors, the Durdans intend to employ local folks, including teens. All planned renovations and additions will be done by right, with no zoning exceptions needed. Currently, all the plans are going through historic review to receive a Certificate of Appropriateness, or CAPP, from the Historical Design and Review Committee. [Note: The CAPP was received Monday, December 14, 2009.]

Before the store opens, a building permit will be obtained, heating and ventilation (HVAC) installed, water and sewer installed, all that approved by inspectors, and an occupancy permit received. The project is on track to accomplish this.

Discussion of Concerns. Those present were asked what concerns or objections they had themselves and what, if any, they had heard around town. Most did not voice concerns or objections and hadn’t heard any. Traffic was identified as an obvious concern. Tara pointed out that traffic coming to the store, winery, or restaurant would be “destination traffic.” As such, it would be slowing down to arrive rather than speeding through town as now happens. As a result, the rest of the traffic on Taylorstown Road would probably slow down in the area of the store.

There was a question about whether a possible roadway and the parking lots would be paved. Tedd said no, they’d be gravel. This was appreciated, as gravel is permeable and creates less runoff and drainage problems. There was a request that the ugly “cheating locust” tree that threatens to fall on the store be removed. It has a bronze plaque
stating that it is one of the biggest in the County. But it has always had a cherry tree pushing it out from the inside – so it’s not healthy. Furthermore, that area will need to be used for parking and a new entrance on the side to the store. We of TCA want it and the cherry taken down as it is dangerous and we need the parking. All present were in agreement. Tedd said okay; he’d look into it.

Tedd talked about further plans to plant trees. There was a suggestion to plant riparian buffer trees along the creek. Tedd was amenable to this, saying he had no plans to develop the acreage near the creek and welcomes suggestions of what to plant.

One board member was concerned that the traffic associated with the expanded Store, the tavern, and winery may adversely affect the quality of life in Taylorstown.

Another member said there was a rumor that a sports bar would be coming in and was not welcome. Tedd said he has no intention of making a sports bar. Another member said that was too bad; a sports bar would be a good thing.

Big Community Meeting. Townspeople will be invited to voice their concerns, opinions, questions, and ideas about these plans at the Annual Taylorstown meeting. That meeting is tentatively set for March 3, 2010 and will be held in the basement of Mt. Pleasant Methodist Church.

Meanwhile, Townspeople are invited to call or email Tami Carlow with concerns, ideas, and questions. (TCarlow@aol.com 540-822-5939 ) She will relay them to Tedd and Dana.

II. TCA & Non-profit Status

Dave Wiseman said the organization that formerly owned the store has a 501(c)3 non-profit legal structure that can be assumed by the TCA, if it so chooses.

There would be no legal fees involved and the former officers would resign. The name would need to be changed to Taylorstown Community Association. The TCA board needs to review the organizing documents of the non-profit to make sure they are aligned with our purposes.

Benefits would include:

· Donations would be tax deductible, increasing the likelihood that TCA would receive donations and become less cash-strapped.

· TCA could apply for grants for civic purposes

Decision: The Board voted unanimously to pursue this idea.

III. 2010 Taylorstown Calendar

Ann Larson noted that she had created the 2010 Taylorstown Calendar with some technical help from Richard Weaver and Karen Hendershot. Due to the high quality of the photographs submitted, it turned out to be very expensive to print, at a cost of $15.50 each for a total of $465. This has not yet been reimbursed.

At a price of $10 each, 10 calendars sold at the Holiday Crafts Fair. It was decided to try to sell the rest at the Game Club’s holiday sale the following weekend. Some present at the meeting bought a few.

If you would like one of these beautiful calendars, you will find them in the green box outside the frame shop (next to the store); help yourself and leave a check for $10 (or more if you can afford to donate!) made out to TCA. Also, as the shop is being cleaned out for renovations, freebies are being left on the front porch. Help yourself.

Questions: Annelarson2006@gmail.com (540)822-5249
Meeting adjourned.

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Taylorstown Annual Barn Dance and Potluck

You are cordially invited to the...
Taylorstown Annual Barn Dance and Potluck!
Great family fun!

When? Sunday June 14th from 4-8PM

Where? Catoctin Creek Village barn
41370 Common House Lane, Lovettsville, VA 20180

Who? The Usual Suspects are local, but all are welcome!
Sponsored by the Taylorstown Community Association

What? Come hear folk music by Taylorstown’s own Tara Linhardt and Friends.
We'll have a square dance caller – but don't worry, no one will make you dance!

Bring? Please bring food or drink to share.

There will be signs up along the roads pointing the way. Basically, it is at the end of Yakey Lane, which is off Lovettsville Road near the intersection with Taylorstown Road.

Volunteers are needed to arrive early (around 2PM) to help sweep the barn and set up tables and chairs. Contact Lauranne (703) 346-3071, or just show up. Bring a broom if you can (push brooms are especially good!).

See you there! The TCA

Thursday, May 07, 2009

Loudoun County Spring Farm Tour Schedule

Loudoun County Spring Farm Tour Schedule for the Taylorstown Store at the junction of Loyalty and Taylorstown Roads.

Saturday, May 16, and Sunday, May 17, 2009

10 - 4 -Store open with goods for sale including baskets, iron works, soaps, crafts, seedlings, potted plants, lots of baked goods, and books for sale by historian, John Lewis.

-Boer goats for sale (all sizes)
-Have your picture taken with a goat!

-A variety of animal sheds, pens and cages on display and for sale.

-Historic house tours of 2 of the oldest standing stone structures (1730's) in Loudoun County (Hunting Hill and Foxton Cottage).

-Face painting

-Hay rides by Glen Miller

11 - 2 Lunch including barbecue and Andy's subs.

12 - 4 Music by L. J.

11 - 4 Wine tasting

1 - 3 Live bluegrass music. (Saturday only)

-Shitake mushroom demonstration and sale. (Saturday only)

10 - 12 Honey Bee talk and hive demonstration. (Saturday only)

1 - 3 Catoctin Creek exploration and stream monitoring (great for kids!). Look for fascinating creatures in the creek. (Sunday only)

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

TCA meeting

This year's annual TCA meeting will be on Tuesday, March 10, at 7:30 p.m. in the basement of Mt. Pleasant Church. The agenda will include P.A.T.H. information, a Taylorstown Store update, and the Spring Farm Tour, as well as the election of officers.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Barbara Barr's Column

Senior citizens luncheon: The Lovettsville Community Center provided the senior citizens in the area with a delicious Thanksgiving dinner with turkey, stuffing, the works. This is a great time for the senior citizens to get together on the first and third Thursday of each month for lunch and fellowship.

Calendar: The Taylorstown Store will be putting out a calendar again this year for 2008. If anyone has any old or historic pictures of things in the past in the Taylorstown area and would like to share them, please contact Anne Larson at 540-822-5249.

Craft fair: There will be a craft fair at the Taylorstown General Store Friday night, Nov. 30 and Dec. 1,2. Refreshments will be served on Friday night. There will be a lot of new crafters this year. In addition to the crafts, winter greenery will be sold. Contact Shirley Langston at 540-822-5983 for additional information.

50th anniversary: Harry and Donna Loy were recently surprised on their 50th wedding anniversary when their daughter, Barbara, flew in from Iowa on Saturday. On Sunday, approximately 30 relatives and friends gathered at the home of their son, Bruce, for a wonderful meal.

Baptism: Vincent Walter Benny, son of Brian and Kristen Benney, was recently christened at the Mount Pleasant United Methodist Church during the mooring worship services. There was a gathering of family and friends in the social hall of the church after the service.

Happy birthday: Happy birthday to Silas Lang, Neil Miller, Shelly Coates, Abraham Shipley, Katie Merchant, Lauren Lang, Judy Ross, Kathy Shipley, Holly Tyrrell and Ronnie Williams.

Happy Anniversary: Happy Anniversary to Jim and Emilie Towe, Rex and Kathy Shipley, Roger and Bonnie Lanham and Allen and Kathryn Baker.

Well wishes: Get well wishes to Robert Spinks, recuperating from surgery, Ellen Jackson in rehab, Ruth Stanley in rehab, and Larry Potts recuperating from surgery.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Barbara Barr's Column

Blessed: I am very blessed with no broken bones after a terrible fall down a flight of stairs in Baltimore. I ended up with many bruises, aches and pains including black eyes, but no broken bones. Loudoun County never looked so good. All I can remember saying is take me home.

Another party: Mount Pleasant's Harvest Party will take place Oct. 28 a 4 p.m. Everyone should meet at the church for a hay ride and then back to the church for refreshments.

Support Group: The Support Group will be traveling to Duchess Daughters in Frederick, Md. for lunch on Oct. 25.

A wedding: Congratulations to Ben Larson and Jessica Sullivan who were recently married in Hawaii.

Birthdays: Happy birthday to Briana Biggs, Kathleen Potts, Darren Ridgeway, Junior Wilt, Cairie Merchant, Daniel Sixma, Amie Capilongo, Beth Wenner, Joyce Nichols, Phyllis Spinks, Joe Tyrell, Johnny Potts, Marrianne Williams, Norma Jean Neuf, Betty Tribby and Jim VanWagoner.

Anniversaries: Happy anniversaries to Chip and Barbara Talbot, JJ and Michele Merchant, Kevin and Debbie Barr, Harry and Donna Loy, and Mary and Becky Hile.

Well wishes: Get will wishes to Joan Rollins, broken wrist; Ellen Jackson, light stroke; Floyd Demory, eye surgery; Shirley Langston, pending surgery; Larry Potts, recuperating; and Karen Tyrrell, recuperating.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Barbara Barr's Column

Proud grandma: First order of business, of course, is the fact that I am proud grandmother of my fourth great-grandchild Tyler Lucas Coates. He was born at Inova Loudoun Hospital on Sept. 25 and weighed 8 pounds, 5 ounces. The proud parents are Luke and April Coates.

Mount Pleasant: The trustees of the Mount Pleasant United Methodist Church will be meeting on Thursday, Oct. 11, at 6:30 p.m. and the administrative council will be meeting at 7:30 p.m.

Baker trips:
Allen and Kathryn Baker recently traveled to New York to visit their granddaughter, Michelle, and her husband. Michelle's husband is in the Air Force and he and his family will be stationed in Turkey for two years.

Umbaugh/Potts reunion: The Umbaugh/Potts reunion was held at the Lion's Club Picnic area in Petersville, Md. Quite a few people in the Taylorstown area attended this reunion to gather with other relatives and friends. Of course there was lots of good food and people sat around and talked about old times while the younger ones played games. It is good to know that people still take time out for family gatherings.

Fall dinners: Bethel United Methodist Church at Stumptown will be having its final fall dinner on Saturday, Oct. 13, 5-7 p.m.

Birthdays: Happy birthday to Isabella Fletcher, Rick Ryker, Carol Whitmer, Eugene Ayers, Kathy Wilt, Levi Shipley, Rose Coates, Brian Biggs and Brittany Loy.

In sympathy: Sympathy and prayers are extended to the family of Joe Tyrrell.